Drawing on 20 years of experience in financial services

Equitrade Capital was formed in 2003, with a philosophy from its founder in mind, to build a Firm that could offer a personal one to one advisory service and to remove that barrier that prevents trust and a personal relationship between the client and the broker.
“The way I see it, everybody has a local dentist, doctor, hairdresser and so on, what’s the difference with your local Stockbroker?”

The Firm currently operates with it’s Head Office in Birmingham and a further office in Surrey, focussing on a regional network to deliver it’s core values of being able to act as your ‘local broker’.

The firm is now comprised of a strong team of senior management, a research centre, trainee and senior brokers as well as a compliance and legal department; all working to fulfil the Firm’s founding values and help Equitrade to continue their journey of growth and competitive presence within the UK Financial Services marketplace.

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